Haven Field Student Ministry:

Middle school and high school students are a vital part of our community and they are included and invited to serve and use their gifts to help in worship in our missional communities and in serving with others.
We do realize that it is good for students to connect with others their own age so we offer two spaces specifically for that to happen.
1. Youth Connect (3rdSunday of the month from 6:00-7:30)-all youth gathering with food, fellowship and small group conversations.
2. 3PM—third party mentors. These are small groups with a leader assigned to a specific age group and gender group. These groups meet separately at least once a month and meet together with everyone else once a month at youth connect.
Student Ministry Leaders
Lindsay Manly – High school girls
Ashley Bussey/Jessica Dobbins – Middle school girls
Johnny Barret – High school boys
Alan Dobbins/Russ Eiland – Middle school boys

Haven Field Kids:

Children are a vital part of our community and we believe that the entire church family has a role and a responsibility to model the faith and love of Jesus to them.
Children and “The Gathering”
Birth through 2nd grade have their own time together for children’s worship, lesson and a craft and help serve once a month at “The Gathering”. The lesson eachSunday morning is the same lesson the parents will learn about in missional community groups and in the message.
3rd-6th Grade:
They join us each week at “The Gathering” but they have a separate teaching time during the message. Students in this age group can play instruments, read scripture and serve in other ways in worship.

Children and “Missional Communities”

Children are invited to come along and join in our missional communities. The younger children have a separate time of teaching and fellowship but they come together for other fellowship times such as serving together, eating together and playing together.
Children and “The story of God” 1st Sunday of the month
Several times a year we offer a short-term group time for children to learn the grand story of the bible. The purpose is for them to learn the stories of God at work through history leading them to encounter God’s ultimate love demonstrated through the life of Jesus.