These are smaller groups within our family (adults, youth, and children) that gather weekly in various neighborhoods to live out life in faith together. 

We eat together, play together, talk about the story of Jesus together, and serve together. These are open communities always welcoming new people to come along.


These are multiplying communities with the long term goal to rebirth new communities after a certain size. 
Hoover-Green Valley Community Group

Sunday Morning at 11:30 AM (w/ brown bag lunch)  
Leaders: Stuart and Melissa Sentell  
Contact Stuart Sentall for additional information 


East Edgewood (Homewood)

Sunday Morning at 11:15 AM 
Leaders: Dobbins, Eiland’s, Bussey’s 
Contact Alan Dobbins for additional information 
Homewood Community Group
Sunday Morning at 10:45 AM 
Leaders: Jason Zinn and Jamie Warren 
Contact Jamie Warren for additional information  
Edgewood-West Homewood Community Group

Wednesday Nights 6:30-7:30 
Leaders: George and Brittany Stegall and Todd Harrington  
Contact George Stegall for additional information  



Students and children meet in community groups as well with a separate time of discipleship. Youth also meet twice a month for fellowship and discipleship with youth and youth leaders. 

For more information or further questions please  email Todd