Haven Field Values

We are a grace-filled family of followers of Jesus centered on the gospel, sent out together as local missionaries to make disciples.

Hospitality: We value hospitality welcoming all people with radical grace and unconditional love. Undergirding scripture: Luke 10-The Good Samaritan; Mark 2:15-Jesus dines with all manner of ruffians and tax collectors; John 6-multiplying the loaves and the fish

Missional: We are a church community focused on being sent. All of our discipleship and faith formation are for the purpose of being equipped to be a sent people on mission with Christ. Undergirding scripture: Genesis 12-the call of Abram (Blessed to be a blessing) John 20-As I have been sent so I send you. The story of Jonah

We desire to share life together with one another with radical transparency centered on the teachings of Jesus where we reflect a local expression of the body of Christ. Undergirding scripture: Luke 5-the story of the four friends and the paralytic being healed by Christ; John 15:12-17-companions with Christ; John 13:35




Discipleship: We value growing in unbelief to belief in every area of our lives and we value helping others grow from unbelief to belief in their own lives. We believe following Jesus impacts every area of one’s life. Undergirding scripture: Matthew 22:37-39, I Corinthians 6:19-20, Philippians 2:5, Col 3:2, Romans 12:2