The Gathering

Haven Field Community Church

Sunday morning worship is where all of our Haven Field Communities gather for renewal, worship, encouragement, and remembrance so that we can be sent back into the world as missionaries for Christ.

We currently meet on Sunday morning at The Grocery Brewpub in Homewood from 9:30-10:45.

Why the new location?

The Grocery Brewpub in Downtown Homewood has offered the use of its space for us on Sunday mornings. Owner and Chef Rayford Cook has generously offered this as he wants to give back to the community, and the space its currently empty on Sunday mornings. 

Some of you might be thinking, “that’s an unusual choice for Haven Field’s worship Gathering.”
But here are some of the benefits of this option:
The Grocery is in the heart of Downtown Homewood on Central Avenue (next door to Little Donkey & Steel City Pops), so it’s very convenient.
The future use of the Vestavia Library and its timing are uncertain, but we can begin gathering at The Grocery. 
There’s a stage and sound system for our use. 
It’s large enough to spread out safely inside. Each family can sit at its own table. 
There’s room to move to outdoor deck/patio areas or separate children when needed.
The arrangement is quite affordable financially for Haven Field. 
But most of all, a location like The Grocery could be welcoming and non-intimidating for guests who might never feel comfortable in a traditional church setting. The use of this space is an opportunity for our Haven Field family to engage our neighbors around us and show them the love of Christ as we walk along side them in community.

At the Gathering we hope to provide space for people to experience freedom in worship as well as informal reverence. We desire for each person to respond to the incredible grace and love of Christ in an atmosphere of safety and freedom. Also, we want to be reverent yet informal. Some mornings you will read along in responsive readings, confess in silent prayers, sing songs of praise, listen to the teaching of scripture, listen to the testimony of others as well receive weekly from the communion table-all of this within a setting of informal reverence.

You are welcome to join us without worry of your attire. 

COVID-19 schedule has temporarily changed some the following: ***We have a place for infants through 4 years of age to learn and experience God in their own classes throughout the entirety of the Gathering. Kindergarten through 2nd grade will begin in the Gathering and leave for their time of teaching/learning and then return before the end of the worship time.***
Again, our ultimate goal is to gather to scatter. We gather so that we can scatter back into our neighborhoods and into our daily lives living as missionaries for Christ.