Values & Rhythms

Haven Field Community Church
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Church Values
We are a church seeking to be a haven - a safe place to be open and real with one another and with God - experiencing restoration through grace to join on mission with Christ in the world.

Hospitality: We value hospitality welcoming all people with radical grace and unconditional love. Undergirding scripture: Luke 10-The Good Samaritan; Mark 2:15-Jesus dines with all manner of ruffians and tax collectors; John 6-multiplying the loaves and the fish

Missional: We are a church community focused on being sent. All of our discipleship and faith formation are for the purpose of being equipped to be a sent people on mission with Christ. Undergirding scripture: Genesis 12-the call of Abram (Blessed to be a blessing) John 20-As I have been sent so I send you. The story of Jonah

Community: We desire to share life together with one another with radical transparency centered on the teachings of Jesus where we reflect a local expression of the body of Christ. Undergirding scripture: Luke 5-the story of the four friends and the paralytic being healed by Christ; John 15:12-17-companions with Christ; John 13:35

Holistic: We believe that faith impacts every area of a person's life and we believe in discipleship that is holistic- intentionally integrating children and youth into the life of the community. Undergirding scripture: Matthew 22:37-39, I Corinthians 6:19-20, Philippians 2:5, Col 3:2, Romans 12:2

Rebirthing: We are intentional and committed to birthing new missional communities reaching out into the crevices of culture with the attractive love of Jesus. Undergirding scripture: Acts 11:19-30, Acts 13:1-3, John 20:21


Haven Field will follow the rhythms we see in the life of Christ throughout the New Testament.

Worship: We will gather regularly for communal worship. Worship is a rhythm practiced both communally and individually by Christ. Worship is a rhythm with both a private and public dimension.

The Word/Discipleship: Jesus poured his life into a motley group of followers to live on mission in a new kingdom. Discipleship as well as scripture teaching will be a vital rhythm in the new church.

The Table: Communion or The Lord’s Supper centers us as followers of Jesus. The table reminds us of the gospel and our humble inability to repay Christ for the sacrifice of His life. We will participate receiving from The Table weekly.

Common Meal: Jesus ate together with those he knew well and with those who others considered unimportant and disconnected. We value fellowship and the friendships that can deepen and develop through breaking bread together.

Prayer: Jesus often retreated in isolation for prayer. We will practice communal and individual prayer and we will practice prayer under girding our community and our mission.

Community: Jesus welcomed children and adults into his life. Jesus welcomed people of various backgrounds. Relationship is the core of life in Christ. Fellowship and relationship in community is essential in living on mission with Christ.

Serving: Jesus actively lived on mission to do the will of the Father. We are called to serve and care for others both locally and globally. Serving is a vital practice in following in the way of Jesus.

Sabbath: Jesus rested and welcomed time to reflect and be still. We will intentionally create space for reflection and rest as a community.