Current Teaching Series

Haven Field Community Church

Sunday, August 5

"Do not be dismayed nor discouraged for God is with you!!" 
(Joshua 1:9)
As we place ourselves or are placed in a position of trust, we can experience the greater purpose of God and the fulfilled promises of God. "Understand Our Place"

Sunday, August 12

"God’s faithfulness to His people is a testimony to the outsider" (Rahab)
(Joshua 2)
As God’s people experience and live in the power of God, those who are on the outside can witness the power of God.

Sunday, August 19

"Crossing over the Jordan River – consecration and courage"
(Joshua 3)
We are faithful when we follow in the direction and guidance of God in our lives. As the Israelites crossed the Jordan, God once again provided a way for them as they were faithfully following God’s leadership.

Sunday, August 26

"Stones of remembrance - faithfulness as a testimony to those coming after us"
(Joshua 4)
Our lives of faithfulness are not only a witness for the people we do life together with currently. However, God’s faithfulness and our response to God’s faithfulness can be a testimony to generations to come. Our commitment to Christ are stones of remembrance for others.

Sunday, September 2

We Will Serve the Lord (service day)

Sunday, September 9

"God fights our battles for us if we let Him" 
(Joshua 6–7)
God goes before the Israelites to conquer the inhabitants of the  promised land. As we fight and battle temptations and distractions, we can live victoriously by letting God do the battling for us.

Sunday, September 16

"Finding peace in what God provides – don’t covet"
(Joshua 8)
Some of the Israelites wanted more than what God provided. We live faithful lives by trusting in how and when God provides.

Sunday, September 23

"Covenant renewal – God’s covenant and our responsibility"
(Joshua 8)
The covenant God made with Israel and with us is bi-lateral. God has a major role in this relationship, however, we have a faithful role and part to play.

Sunday, September 30

"Possessing the promised land — take possession of what God has given to you already"
Possessing the land is a story of faithfulness. It is one thing to hear that God has provided the land for His people. It is another to actually possess it.

Sunday, October 7

"God’s faithful promise of inheritance – distributing the land"
God’s promise comes true when the people of Israel actually inherit the land. This story can help us live faithfully until we inherit a new kind of promised land.

Sunday, October 14

"Serve the Lord faithfully – when things are going well don’t abandon the one who led you and provided for you"
(Joshua 23)
Living faithfully means that we follow no matter the circumstances. We don’t serve anyone or anything else but Christ alone.

Sunday, October 21

"Joshua’s final words—remain faithful….thankful for a legacy of faithfulness" 
(Joshua 24)
Remaining faithful is a testimony to those who have gone before us as well as for those who will come behind us.