Current Teaching Series

Haven Field Community Church

In the resurrection story, found in the gospel of Mark, we learn that Jesus was not in the tomb when the women came to tend to the body of Jesus, he had already gone a ahead of them into Galilee.  The image of Jesus going before the disciples is also a reality. Jesus is with us, Jesus goes before us, and Jesus invites us to join in His Faithful Presence as we are sent, just like the disciples were sent, out into the world to engage the world with the good news of Jesus.  We as the church, God’s people, are sent out on mission, and we will look at several disciplines that can help us engage in God’s mission in our city. 

Sunday, April 15

"Jesus Is with Us and Jesus Goes before Us"
Exodus 33:15–16, Psalm 46 , Mark 16:7, John 20:21–22

Sunday, April 22

"The Discipline of Reconciliation"
2 Corinthians 5:17–19, Luke 22:26, Matthew 18:15–18

Sunday, April 29

"Discipline of Being with the Least of These"
Matthew 25:37–39, Matthew 12:49–50 , Philippians 4:14–15

Sunday, May 6

"The Discipline of Five-fold Gifting"
Ephesians 4:8–12, 1 Corinthians 12:7, 1 Corinthians 12:21

Sunday, May 13

"Discipline of Being with Children"
Mark 13:13–14, Matthew 18:1–5

Sunday, May 20

Senior Sunday
"Discipline of the Lord’s Table"
I Corinthians 11:24–25

Sunday, May 27

"Discipline of Kingdom Prayer"