Current Teaching Series

Haven Field Community Church

How we respond to the difficulties in life and how we live while life is on easy street stems from a foundation of belief. We live out what we believe each and every day. In many ways, we mentally disconnect our beliefs from our actions. However, in reality we can’t separate the two. In this series, we will learn the Apostle’s Creed and examine the biblical foundation of this ancient statement of faith. In doing so, we will be reminded what is important to us as a community of faith and reconfirm our faith by living out our Christian beliefs in the face of rather hard and difficult lives.

Sunday, August 11
“I believe In”
Belief is more than mental consent, it is also a heart’s devotion. We are all devoted to a belief. The Apostle’s Creed will help us examine if our Christian beliefs are congruent with our daily living.
Sunday, August 18

I believe in “God the Father Almighty”—creator of Heaven and Earth
In believing that God is our almighty creator, we acknowledge that everything belongs to Him and we accept our place in the grand order of this world.

Sunday, August 25
I believe “In His one and only Son—Jesus Christ our Lord” (quilt at the carepoint)
In believing that Jesus is Lord, we acknowledge that every area and part of our life is submitted to Him and we will live accordingly to our faith in all areas of our life.
Sunday, September 1
Prayer Walking in our community groups and stand for orphan
Sunday, September 8
I believe that Jesus suffered, died, and rose again 
In believing that Jesus suffered, died and rose again we know that Jesus understands us in our pain and can be hoped in to help us through the deepest hurt and loss.
Sunday, September 15
I believe That he sits on the throne where He will judge the living and the dead 
In believing that Jesus is on the throne and will judge all of humanity we can face the injustices of this world knowing that in some way all things will be judged fairly and justly. We can trust that there is some order is this chaotic world.
Sunday, September 22
I believe in the Holy Spirit 
In believing in the Holy Spirit, we believe that God is present here and now in the midst of the grind of life.
Sunday, September 29
I believe in the holy catholic church and the communion of saints 
In believing in a dedicated and unified church community we accept that we are not better than anyone else and that we are all one in Christ.
Sunday, October 6
I believe in the forgiveness of sins
In believing in the forgiveness of sins we believe in new beginnings and we have hope for all people.
Sunday, October 13
I believe in life everlasting 
In believing in life everlasting, we know that the lives we live now have eternal consequences. 
Sunday, October 20
Legacy of Faith Sunday