Current Teaching Series

Haven Field Community Church

This summer as we pause a little from our busy routines, we will take some time to rest in the psalms listening to how God wants to speak to us as His people. We will look at a few influential psalms over the course of an 8-week series. Come and join us as we take this summer to connect with the deep-seated emotions of the psalmists and how these feelings and thoughts can speak to us many, many generations later.  

Sunday, June 3

"Understand Our Place"
(Psalm 8)
Psalm 8 is foundational for us in understanding our place and role in this world. This is a psalm of praise to God who has created us and placed us in a specific order and place in the world around us.

Sunday, June 10

"Has God Forgotten You?"
(Psalm 13)
As you know, life is not easy. When times are difficult, it is natural for us to feel that God has forgotten us. The psalmist reminds us that even when we feel deserted and abandoned by God, we can still trust God because God is a faithful and loving God.

Sunday, June 17

"A Clear Vision of Who You Are"
(Psalm 26)
John Calvin said that the psalms “are a window to the soul.”  Most of us don’t want others or even ourselves to know who we really are—we like to hide from ourselves and hide others from ourselves. Psalm 26 directs us to be open and honest with ourselves before God.

Sunday, June 24

"God Can Deliver"
(Psalm 40)
Life can overwhelm us, and we can lose perspective quickly. Sometimes we can feel as if we are drowning in despair. However, the psalmist reminds us that God can deliver. We can turn to Him for hope and help.

Sunday, July 1

Summer songs of praise

Sunday, July 8

"God is Secure, and We Can Place Our Trust in Him"
(Psalm 62)

Sunday, July 15

"God is Our Hope, Our Strength, and Our Future"
(Psalm 84)

Sunday, July 22

"Thank God Because of His Never-ending Faithfulness"
(Psalm 117)

Sunday, July 29

"You are Praised from All Around the World"
(Psalm 138)