Community Groups

Haven Field Community Church
Communities of Haven Field are the main artery supplying the heartbeat of our church. These groups share life together through: authentic conversations, discussing and reflecting upon the week's teaching, common meals, shared experiences, and serving together. These groups are designed to love and serve people in our literal neighborhoods, community and others through our natural relationships. These communities are the central piece of loving the disconnected from Christ. Each community is a safe place (haven) to invite others to come and meet with friends and to connect with Christ.
Our communities are small, relationship and neighborhood-based groups. They meet weekly and primarily in host homes. Some groups may rotate among a few host homes, so check with a community for its schedule and current location. We currently have six community groups:
  • East Edgewood (Dobbins/Stephens)
  • East Edgewood (Reidinger/Zinn)
  • Homewood/Hoover
  • Trussville
  • Vestavia Hills
  • West Edgewood
Visit us at our Church-wide Gathering to find out more about joining one of these groups! Or contact our Communities Pastor, Patrick Finley via email Patrick