Haven Field Community Church

Child and youth faith formation needs to be holistic in nature. Families have the primary responsibility of leading and guiding their children in faith formation, and the church community should play a supportive role in helping parents.

At Haven Field, children are not an isolated segment but a vital part of the church community. They must and will be trained to be disciples of Christ. 

Discipleship for children and youth is twofold: the presentation of biblical information as well as imitation. Sometimes congregations are more focused on providing children with biblical information with less emphasis on living out the Gospel daily. Our initiative is to teach children the truths of the Bible and Gospel in correlation to these being lived out by their family, their community, and the church at large.

During the Gathering, our babies through 2nd graders have age-appropriate discipleship and learning breakout times. Children remaining in The Gathering have activity sheets available to help them take notes, reinforce teaching through word search, fill in the blank, drawing, etc.